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Anatomic pillow for the back

Anatomic pillow for the back

59.00 BGN with VAT

Compressor Nebulizer

Compressor Nebulizer

75.00 BGN with VAT
49.00 BGN with VAT

Ozone dispenser for clean air

Ozone dispenser for clean air

80.00 BGN with VAT
40.00 BGN with VAT

Paper sheet for examinations 100 m

Paper sheet for examinations 100 m

15.90 BGN with VAT

90.00 BGN with VAT
49.00 BGN with VAT

30.00 BGN with VAT
15.00 BGN with VAT

Antibacterial ozone generators and ionizers » Ozone generators and Ionizers

Ozone for many years is used to refresh and disinfect the  air and water quickly and efficiently eliminate pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms, odors and more. This gas is a natural way to improve the living environment of the people. Increasing the oxygen in the blood activates the brain, improves the self-esteem, the heart and lungs function, energizes the body and brain, improves metabolism and others. Ozone act quickly to the organism to provide total cleaning and toning. 


Pursuant to the requirements of the World Health Organization in the air must contain at least 2,000 ions/cm3 negative, but today we are forced to breathe "dead air" in which negative ions are from 0 to 200 pcs./cm3.

120.00 BGN with VAT
100.00 BGN without VAT
69.00 BGN with VAT
57.50 BGN without VAT

Ozonator and Ionizer E100

Ozonator and Ionizer E100

80.00 BGN with VAT
66.67 BGN without VAT
38.00 BGN with VAT
31.67 BGN without VAT

29.00 BGN with VAT
24.17 BGN without VAT

USB ionizer - Apple shape

Enjoy the fresh air in the office and at home

25.00 BGN with VAT
20.83 BGN without VAT
19.00 BGN with VAT
15.83 BGN without VAT





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